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Walmart  has announced the creation of 3,000 new jobs and investments of $600 million in the Costa Rican retail sector in the next five years

by | May 26, 2024

Walmart  has announced the creation of 3,000 new jobs and investments of $600 million in the Costa Rican retail sector in the next five years

The expansion planned in the Costa Rican retail sector by Walmart Central America for the coming years also includes purchasing from national suppliers for millions of dollars.

Walmart recently announced the creation of 3,000 new jobs and investments of $600 million in Costa Rica in the next five years.

This amount will be used to open stores in their different formats and expand logistical capacity to support this growth in sales points and technology.

The announcement was made within the framework of laying the first stone of the new Perishable Center in Coyol, Alajuela.

“We believe in the retail sector in Costa Rica. We have an operation that benefits the lives of millions of people, and we want to continue promoting the well-being of this country.

“For this reason, we have an ambitious investment plan for the next five years,” said Cristina Ronski, Senior Vice President and General Director of Walmart Central America, in a press release.

As for the new jobs in the Costa Rican retail sector, these will be generated in the same communities where the new stores and distribution centers will open.

“We are 100% focused on saving families money and helping them live better. To achieve this, we need to leverage our physical stores and hence the need to continue investing in them,” added Ronski.

Expansion in 2024

The expansion planned by Walmart for the coming years in the Costa Rican retail sector also includes purchasing from national suppliers for millions of dollars. This includes products it sells in the country and exports to the rest of the Central American markets.

However, it also includes its purchases through Walmart Inc. to supply other markets worldwide.

“A genuine commitment to responsible growth also accompanies our growth in the country. Therefore, we are governed by the highest standards of ethics and legality.

“Likewise, we are inclusive employers that give work opportunities to all people. We strive to promote the development and growth of our suppliers in the Costa Rican retail sector, especially small and medium-sized ones,” said the senior executive.

Ronski highlighted specific measures that demonstrate Walmart’s contribution to sustainability:

  • The installation of solar panels
  • The increased use of LED lighting
  • The intelligent and rational use of water as well as refrigerants with a significant reduction of impact on the generation of greenhouse gases
  • The establishment of alliances with third parties for the exploitation and use of waste

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Further opportunities for investment in the Costa Rican retail sector

Costa Rica, known for its rich biodiversity and stable political environment, presents a compelling opportunity for foreign investors in its retail sector. The country’s market size, consumer purchasing power, evolving preferences, and opportunities for profit-making and economic benefits for local communities contribute to a favorable investment landscape.

Market Size and Consumer Purchasing Power

Costa Rica’s retail sector benefits from a growing middle class and an increasing urban population. The country’s GDP has consistently grown, with a significant portion driven by consumer spending. Costa Rican consumers have demonstrated a willingness to spend on a diverse range of products, from essential goods to luxury items. This growth is supported by relatively high levels of literacy and employment, which bolster consumer purchasing power.

Consumer Preferences and Opportunities

Costa Rican consumers are increasingly discerning, favoring quality and brand reputation. There is a notable trend towards health and wellness products, sustainable goods, and technology-driven retail experiences. Foreign investors can tap into these preferences by introducing international brands emphasizing quality and sustainability. The rise of e-commerce and digital payment solutions also presents opportunities for investors to leverage technology to meet consumer demands efficiently.

Profit-Making Opportunities

The Costa Rican retail market offers lucrative opportunities for profit-making. The retail landscape is diverse, encompassing food and beverages, clothing, electronics, and home goods. Foreign investors can benefit from relatively lower operational costs than more developed markets while accessing a customer base with considerable purchasing power. Moreover, the government’s pro-business policies, including tax incentives for foreign investors, further enhance profitability prospects.

Economic Benefits to Local Communities

Investments in the retail sector can have substantial economic benefits for local Costa Rican communities. Foreign retail businesses often create jobs directly within stores and indirectly through supply chains. This job creation can lead to skills transfer and development, enhancing the employability of the local workforce. Additionally, foreign retailers often source products locally, supporting local producers and stimulating the domestic economy.

Enhanced Competition and Innovation

Foreign investment in Costa Rica’s retail sector can drive competition, leading to improved consumer services and products. Enhanced competition often results in lower prices, higher-quality goods, and more consumer choices. This competitive environment can stimulate innovation as businesses seek to differentiate themselves through unique product offerings, superior customer service, and advanced retail technologies.

Future Prospects for the Costa Rican retail sector

Looking forward, the Costa Rican retail sector is poised for continued growth. The increasing penetration of internet and smartphone usage is likely to boost e-commerce, providing a significant avenue for foreign retailers to explore. Additionally, as global tourism rebounds, Costa Rica’s position as a prime tourist destination will attract international visitors who contribute to retail spending. Investors can also anticipate regulatory frameworks becoming more conducive to business as the government seeks to attract foreign direct investment to sustain economic growth.

Foreign investors in Costa Rica’s retail sector stand to gain from a robust market characterized by growing consumer demand, a favorable economic environment, and significant profit-making opportunities. The industry promises attractive returns for investors and contributes to the country’s broader economic development by creating jobs, fostering local supply chains, and driving innovation. As Costa Rica continues to develop, its retail sector will remain a dynamic and promising foreign investment field, benefiting investors and the local economy.


In conclusion, the Costa Rican retail sector presents a robust and dynamic opportunity for foreign investors, driven by a growing middle class, increased consumer spending, and favorable economic conditions. Walmart’s significant investment and job creation initiatives underscore the sector’s substantial growth and profitability potential. As the sector evolves, it is poised to benefit from trends in consumer preferences towards quality, sustainability, and technology-enhanced retail experiences. The expansion of e-commerce and digital payment solutions further amplifies these opportunities. The Costa Rican retail sector promises lucrative returns for investors and fosters local economic development by creating jobs, enhancing skills, and supporting local suppliers. The government’s pro-business policies and tax incentives make the investment landscape even more attractive. With continued internet and smartphone usage growth, the retail sector is set to expand further, driven by both local demand and international tourism. As foreign investment fuels competition and innovation, consumers benefit from improved services, diverse product offerings, and better prices. Ultimately, the Costa Rican retail sector remains a promising and dynamic field for investment, contributing to the country’s overall economic vitality and development.




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