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Foreign direct investment in Chile in 2024 tops the 2023 monthly year-over-year total by 17.8%

by | Apr 20, 2024

Foreign direct investment in Chile in 2004 started on a positive note. According to Chilean Central Bank figures, foreign direct investment inflows of US$ 1.9 billion were received in January 2024. This figure represents investments of US$ 851 million more than those recorded in December 2023.

InvestChile leads the way

According to the analysis of InvestChile, the investment promotion agency belonging to the Chilean Ministry of Economy, this figure is 17% higher than that registered for the average for the first month of 2003-2024, which is approximately US$ 1.7 billion.

In the detail by category of foreign direct investment, the one that stood out the most in January was the reinvested profits for US$ 1.3 billion, followed by debt instruments with US$ 428 million and equity participations with US$ 223 million. This was a smaller flow compared to previous months.

The director of InvestChile, Karla Flores, pointed out that the figures are “good news” and extend the positive momentum that foreign investment had in 2023 to foreign direct investment in Chile in 2024.

“These are amounts that motivate us to continue working diligently to promote foreign investment in Chile in 2024, to consolidate our ability to attract investments and generate the employment opportunities that the country needs. Such foreign direct investment is especially needed in sectors where Chile must make leaps in the quality in an accelerated manner and in regions that require greater capital inflows and quality jobs,” he said.

Overtures to the Mining industry

Thus, she commented that the agency is deploying international promotion and coordination with the country’s regions. In addition to participating in the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) trade fair in Canada to promote the new portfolio of mining exploration and exploitation projects among the most important investors in the sector, she will soon make trips to Korea and Japan, together with the Minister of Public Works, Jessica López, promoting the concession portfolio.

“This is also a special year because we will have our 7th InvestChile International Forum on May 15th, 2024. The event is anticipated to involve more than 100 international companies to assist with specific investment projects in sectors such as the lithium industry, technological and digital infrastructure, infrastructure concessions, and clean energy and storage.


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Additional sectors  that are attractive for foreign direct investment in Chile in 2004

In addition to mining, several economic sectors will continue to attract foreign direct investment in Chile in 2004 and beyond. Some of the prominent sectors include:

Forestry and Wood Products: Chile boasts extensive forestry resources, and the wood products industry, including timber production and processing, presented opportunities for FDI. The country’s well-managed forests and export-oriented industry made it appealing for investors.

Renewable Energy: With its diverse geography, Chile has significant potential for renewable energy development, particularly solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. The Chilean government encouraged FDI in renewable energy projects, especially as the country aimed to diversify its energy mix and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Agriculture and Agribusiness: Chile is a significant exporter of agricultural products, including fruits, vegetables, wine, and seafood. The agribusiness sector offered opportunities for FDI in areas such as large-scale farming, food processing, and agro-technology.

Tourism: Chile’s natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and cultural attractions made tourism a promising sector for foreign investment. Infrastructure development, hospitality services, and eco-tourism ventures attracted FDI as Chile sought to expand its tourism industry.

Telecommunications and Information Technology: As Chile’s economy modernized, there was a growing demand for telecommunications and IT services. FDI in telecommunications infrastructure, internet services, and technology companies contributed to the country’s connectivity and digital development.

Financial Services: The stability of Chile’s economy and its well-regulated financial sector made it an attractive destination for FDI in banking, insurance, and other financial services. Foreign investors sought opportunities to participate in Chile’s growing financial market.

Manufacturing: Chile’s manufacturing sector, particularly industries like automotive, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, attracted FDI. The country’s strategic location for accessing regional markets and its stable business environment favored foreign manufacturers.

In conclusion, the robust start to foreign direct investment in Chile in 2024, exemplified by the significant inflows recorded in January, sets a promising tone for the year ahead. With InvestChile’s proactive approach to promoting investment opportunities, particularly in sectors like mining, renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, telecommunications, financial services, and manufacturing, Chile is poised to continue attracting substantial foreign investment. As the country strives to enhance its economic diversification and create quality employment opportunities, the positive momentum observed in the early months of 2024 underscores Chile’s attractiveness as a destination for foreign investors seeking stable and lucrative ventures.


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