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1.4 billion dollars in foreign direct investment in Guatemala is the goal in 2024

by | Mar 17, 2024

During 2024, the Ministry of Economy (Mineco) seeks to achieve a goal of foreign direct investment in Guatemala of 1.4 billion dollars. Of this total, 381 million dollars are expected in new investment attraction to the country to create at least 12,900 formal jobs for Guatemalans.

Business climate

The Minister of Economy, Gabriela Garcia-Quinn, highlighted that work is also being done to strengthen a favorable business climate. The objective is to support all sectors by constructing a stable and modern framework to encourage investment and competition.

The lines of collaboration established in “Guatemala no se detiene (Guatemala does not stop)” will be followed through programs that seek further digitization and simplification of the procedures required to do business in the Central American nation.

The goal is establishing Mineco as an effective, efficient, and transparent facilitator for attracting increased foreign direct investment in Guatemala. The objective is to improve the population’s well-being and quality of life.

The companies

Minister García-Quinn highlighted that 48 international companies have demonstrated their interest in investing in Guatemala, which is based on sectors such as:


Guatemala’s agribusiness sector stands as a cornerstone of its economy, offering lucrative opportunities for foreign direct investment in Guatemala. Renowned for coffee, sugar, and banana exports, the sector benefits from fertile lands and a favorable climate. The government’s initiatives to support agricultural development further enhance its appeal. With a focus on sustainability and modernization, agribusiness in Guatemala presents a promising landscape for investment, driven by robust export markets and a skilled workforce. This sector contributes significantly to Guatemala’s economy and showcases the country’s potential as a leading agricultural hub in the region.

Vehicle electrical parts

Guatemala’s vehicle electric parts production sector is emerging as a promising industry within its diverse economy. With a strategic location and proximity to major trading partners like the United States and Mexico, Guatemala offers efficient access to global markets. The country’s skilled workforce and favorable business climate attract international companies seeking to invest in producing electric vehicle parts. This sector presents opportunities for growth and innovation, supported by government initiatives and a commitment to modernization. As part of Guatemala’s efforts to diversify its industrial base, vehicle electric parts production holds the potential for job creation and economic development, positioning Guatemala as a competitive player in the automotive supply chain.

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Pharmaceutical products

Guatemala’s pharmaceutical products production sector is poised for growth and investment within the country’s expanding industrial landscape. With a strategic location and access to critical markets, Guatemala offers an advantageous platform for pharmaceutical manufacturing. The sector benefits from a skilled workforce and government support, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and competitiveness. As demand for healthcare continues to rise domestically and globally, Guatemala’s pharmaceutical industry stands ready to meet these needs, contributing to economic development and job creation while ensuring access to essential medicines for the population.

Clothing and textiles

Guatemala’s clothing and textile production sector is vital to its economy and is renowned for its high-quality products and competitive advantages. Situated strategically with access to major markets, foreign direct investment in Guatemala offers an efficient platform for manufacturing and exporting textiles and garments. The sector benefits from a skilled workforce, government support, and a strong tradition of craftsmanship, ensuring product excellence and reliability. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Guatemala’s clothing and textile industry continues to attract investment and contribute significantly to the country’s economic growth. Its global reputation for quality and reliability positions it as a critical player in the international textile market.

BPO and Contact Center

Guatemala’s BPO and contact center industry is rapidly emerging as a key player in the global outsourcing market, propelled by a skilled workforce, favorable business environment, and strategic location. With a focus on providing high-quality services in customer support, technical assistance, and back-office operations, Guatemala offers cost-effective solutions for businesses worldwide. The sector benefits from government support and investment in infrastructure and technology, enhancing its competitiveness and attracting international companies seeking outsourcing opportunities. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Guatemala’s BPO and contact center industry are poised for continued growth, driving economic development and creating employment opportunities for its workforce.

Plan for the economy

The Ministry of Economy is developing the National Strategy to Attract Foreign Direct Investment in Guatemala. The government seeks to become a key actor in strengthening confidence in Guatemala as an attractive country for investment and foreign trade.

For this reason, Minister Garcia-Quinn asserts: “To comply with this action plan for the Guatemalan economy, we commit to working transparently, overcoming challenges, and enhancing our business opportunities in Guatemala and the world.”

Why Guatemala Should Be Your Next Investment Destination

Central America’s hidden gem, foreign direct investment in Guatemala, is rapidly emerging as an attractive option. Here’s why:

Strategic Location: Guatemala is geographically privileged and located between North and South America. It shares a border with Mexico, a major US trading partner, and has easy access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This translates to efficient shipping routes for reaching major global markets in the US, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, well-developed seaports like Puerto Quetzal on the Pacific and Santo Tomas de Castilla on the Atlantic facilitate smooth import and export operations.

Workforce Advantage:  Guatemala boasts a young, skilled, and multilingual workforce. The country has a median age of 22, with a growing population eager for employment opportunities. The government actively invests in education and vocational training programs, ensuring a steady stream of qualified personnel for various industries. Furthermore, Guatemala’s proximity to the US fosters a bilingual population, making communication and business operations seamless.

Diversified Economic Landscape: Guatemala offers a well-rounded mix, unlike economies reliant on a single industry. Agriculture remains a strong pillar, with exports like coffee, sugar, and bananas contributing significantly. The manufacturing sector is flourishing, attracting foreign investment in textiles, apparel, and automotive parts. The service industry is also on the rise, with strong growth in tourism, business process outsourcing (BPO), and IT services. This diversification offers investors a more comprehensive range of opportunities and mitigates risk by not solely relying on one sector’s performance.

Business-Friendly Climate:  The Guatemalan government actively promotes foreign investment. Investment-friendly policies like tax breaks, streamlined business registration processes, and free trade agreements with major economies make it easier for foreign companies to establish themselves. Additionally, the government offers incentives for specific sectors like tourism and manufacturing, further sweetening the deal for potential investors.

Beyond the Basics:  Guatemala offers additional advantages that enhance its attractiveness. The cost of doing business in Guatemala is lower compared to many developed nations. Furthermore, the country boasts a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, making it a desirable destination for expatriate employees.

In conclusion, foreign direct investment in Guatemala presents a compelling case, aiming to attract $1.4 billion in 2024. With a strategic location, skilled workforce, diversified economy, and supportive business climate, it offers promising opportunities across various sectors such as agribusiness, manufacturing, and services. The government’s commitment to improving the investment environment underscores its dedication to economic growth and development. As a hidden gem in Central America, Guatemala offers favorable business conditions, cultural richness, and natural beauty. Investing in Guatemala is not just a financial opportunity but is also an investment in the country’s promising future.

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