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Summit highlights the Dominican Republic as a Latin American logistics hub

by | Apr 20, 2024

Dominican Republic Logistics Summit 2024 examines the country’s role as a center for Latin American logistics.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MICM), Víctor Ito Bisonó, said on Thursday, April 18, that the Dominican Republic is among the countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region with the best maritime connectivity.

At the Summit, it was communicated that the Dominican Republic boasts superior maritime connectivity due to its strategic geographical location in the heart of the Caribbean. It is positioned at the crossroads of major shipping routes and serves as a vital hub for trade and commerce between North and South America, Europe, and beyond. The country’s extensive network of ports, including the Port of Santo Domingo, one of the oldest in the Americas, facilitates the efficient movement of goods and services. Moreover, ongoing investments in port infrastructure and modernization initiatives ensure that the Dominican Republic remains a preferred destination for maritime trade, offering reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions to global markets. With its favorable geographic position, well-developed port facilities, and commitment to continuous improvement, the Dominican Republic is a beacon of maritime connectivity in the Caribbean region.

“This is how, in 2022, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development recognized the Dominican Republic as the country with the sixth-best performance in this area among 36 countries in the region. Worldwide, the Dominican Republic occupies the 50th position out of 187 countries,” he observed.

Air connectivity is highly developed as well

He said that the country has eight international airports, which have experienced notable growth in terms of air connectivity. Last year alone, the country received more than 132,500 commercial passenger flights, an increase of 12% compared to 2022.

“This historic milestone consolidates the position of the Dominican Republic as an important Latin American logistics hub of connections to some 170 destinations around the world,” said the official after the first edition of the Dominican Republic Logistics Summit 2024 (DRLS2024).

Regarding port connectivity, he noted that the country has several world-class ports, which have consolidated their position as critical maritime terminal operators. These ports now play a vital role in the sustainability of global supply chains.

“The excellent air, sea, and port connectivity of the Dominican Republic as a Latin American logistics hub has been a key factor for developing efficient logistics operations and positioning the country as a regional leader,” he indicated.

Also participating in the closing ceremony of the Dominican Republic Logistics Summit 2024 were Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, director general of customs (DGA), and Jaak Rannik, president of the Shipowners Association of the Dominican Republic (ANRD).

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Joint work to develop a modern Latin American logistics hub

“Together, we have laid the foundations for new growth opportunities for the Dominican Republic as a Latin American logistics hub. We take away not only knowledge and new relationships but also the renewed commitment to continue working together for the well-being and progress of our country,” said Rannik.

He said the Logistics Centers bill is pending approval in the short term in the Chamber of Deputies, which has had the consensus of the main actors in both the private and public sectors.

“This is a key piece of legislation so that we can have a legal framework that represents another competitive advantage in favor of the consolidation of the Dominican Republic as a Latin American logistics hub,” he added.

Furthermore, he stated, “This is undoubtedly a firm step necessary to turn logistics into the next important economic axis of the country and turn our national vision into reality.”

Modernization of Customs

For his part, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón stated that “The modernization of the national Customs Authority has been essential to convert the Dominican Republic into the main logistics hub in the region.”

He said that the expeditious approval of Customs Law 168-21 demonstrates the country’s ability to adapt to modern demands in a globalized world. This is true especially at present with a technological review of cargo that went from 60% to 96%. This increase strengthens the security of the logistics hub and facilitates the attraction of further international investments.

He concluded that the country has the only highly connected port-airport in the hemisphere, which positions it as a critical Latin American logistics hub that connects the Dominican Republic with more than 55 countries and 170 international destinations.

The Dominican Republic was highlighted as a pivotal Latin American logistics hub during the Dominican Republic Logistics Summit 2024. With superior maritime connectivity and a strategic location at the crossroads of major shipping routes, the country serves as a vital link for trade between North and South America, Europe, and beyond. With world-class ports and eight international airports experiencing significant growth, the Dominican Republic boasts extensive air and sea connectivity, positioning it as a key player in global supply chains. The collaborative efforts of public and private sectors aim to further enhance the country’s logistics capabilities, with pending legislation and ongoing customs modernization initiatives reinforcing its status as a prominent Latin American logistics hub.

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