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Uruguay XXI has launched a tool to facilitate contact between domestic companies and foreign investors

by | Nov 17, 2023

The prominent sectors are commerce, biotechnology, and information and communications technologies.

Intending to attract foreign investments, Uruguay XXI has launched a new digital portal in Spanish and English for its Project Portfolio. It is the first website that presents public and private opportunities in Uruguay to investors from abroad.

Uruguay XXI’s main objectives are promoting the country’s brand, exports, and investments. In that sense, the platform projects Uruguay’s positive attributes, such as superior quality of life, political stability, and fiscal discipline to attract investors. According to the project’s manager, Álvaro Brunini, it was the intention to link national companies and foreign investors that drove the idea of the project.

The platform’s primary purpose is to facilitate contact between companies and foreign investors through information provided by the  Uruguayan companies within the platform, which will then be provided to foreign businessmen to generate more private communication.

Foreign investments in Uruguay

Uruguay has an open economy where collaborative work between foreign investors and national private companies plays a fundamental role.

Due to an increased linkage between Uruguayan firms and sources of international capital, greenfield ” investments – in which a business is developed from scratch – have gained prominence in recent years. Acquisitions and mergers have also grown.

Regarding the origin of investments, this is led by the United States, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil. Uruguay XXI seeks to ensure that these exceed US$500,000.

On the other hand, Brunini highlighted the importance of the sectoral report on investment funds carried out by the Uruguay XXI in 2023, which positioned Uruguay as among the leaders in Latin America in attracting foreign direct investment.

The companies registered in XXI’s Portal

Brunini explained that 22 domestic Uruguayan companies are looking for foreign investors, and over 60 registered users have uploaded information. “We hope to exceed 70 projects before the end of the year,” he stressed.

Furthermore, Álvaro Brunini maintained that, although the initiative targets all sectors of activity, biotechnology, commerce, and information technology startups predominate.

Project expectations

Brunini said that the project’s objective is to generate the first links and interactions between companies and investors, which is expected to continue to increase in the coming months.

“There is a strengthening of private capital that will contribute to boosting these investments,” said Brunini, adding that this also favors local enterprises.

Following the creation of the portal, Uruguay XXI launched a promotional campaign. To access the registry, companies must enter the agency’s website.

Foreign investment is fundamentally important

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) plays a pivotal role in sustaining and enhancing the economic health of Uruguay, a small but resourceful South American nation. Uruguay has historically been open to foreign investments, and this approach has yielded multifaceted benefits for the country. Firstly, FDI injects crucial capital into the Uruguayan economy, facilitating the development of various sectors such as infrastructure, technology, and manufacturing. This influx of capital helps bridge funding gaps, allowing the government to undertake ambitious projects that contribute to economic growth and job creation. Moreover, FDI brings with it not only financial resources but also technology and expertise. Foreign investors often introduce advanced technologies and management practices that foster innovation and efficiency in local industries. This technological transfer enhances the competitiveness of Uruguayan businesses on a global scale, positioning them for sustainable growth in the long term.

In addition to economic advancements, FDI contributes significantly to job creation in Uruguay. As foreign companies establish or expand their operations in the country, they generate employment opportunities for the local workforce. This is particularly crucial for a nation like Uruguay, where a thriving job market is essential for social stability and individual prosperity. The creation of employment opportunities, in turn, reduces unemployment rates and enhances the standard of living for the population. Moreover, the diversification of industries spurred by foreign investments ensures a broad spectrum of job opportunities, ranging from skilled technical positions to unskilled labor, catering to a diverse workforce.

Furthermore, FDI serves as a catalyst for international trade by integrating Uruguayan businesses into global value chains. Foreign investors often connect local businesses with their global networks, providing access to new markets and fostering export-oriented growth. Uruguay XXI’s new investment portal seeks to increase this dynamic. This integration expands the market reach for Uruguayan products and exposes local businesses to international best practices, quality standards, and consumer preferences. This exposure enhances the adaptability and resilience of Uruguayan industries, making them better equipped to navigate the complexities of the global economy.

In conclusion, foreign direct investment is critically important to the health of the Uruguayan economy due to its multifaceted contributions. Beyond the immediate financial injections, FDI brings technological advancements, managerial expertise, job opportunities, and international market access. Embracing foreign investments accelerates economic growth and positions Uruguay as a competitive player in the global marketplace, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for the nation. Uruguay XXI’s efforts to promote the country’s brand, exports, and investments through its new portal will play a positive role in helping the South American nation capture a more significant share of foreign direct investment.


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